Friday, October 16, 2009

Fall Is Here

Well, here I am after many many weeks. A whole month actually. I think that there is something about the fall that makes the days fly by, while feeling like you're not accomplishing much. The kids seem to continue to grow at the speed of light, however (that's counting the one in my tummy).
The last few weeks have been filled with lazy days, wishing for rain so I didn't feel bad about not taking the kids out into the beautiful weather, and then wishing it wasn't raining so I could take them out to release the energy in a less destructive manner! (Chris of course takes them out whatever the weather.)
Today we made a cave while it poured outside. And it was either the weather or the one piece of licorice they each had but they were quite wild. I tried to stay out of the same room so I wouldn't get upset about whatever it was that was evoking such screams and laughter.

At the entrance of the cave

Making wild faces while wearing the hoods of their coats.

Several weeks ago we celebrated Chris's birthday!

Yeah for mac n' cheese and carrot cake cupcakes!

Art has been another fall time passer:

Yeah for glitter!

One day at lunch Chris threw out the challenge to make the alphabet out of pretzels. 1/2 a bag of pretzels later we had all but about 6 of them. Abigail did several and then her name.

And lastly I just want to say, I am SO tired of being pregnant. I am now 35 weeks and the midwife said on Wednesday that its a big baby. Oh yeah. I know it feels big. I'm ready to be done with the heartburn, backache, cramps, heat flashes, inability to walk, raging hormones, sleeplessness, and many other pregnant joys. Bring on the bundle of adorable and cuddly (screaming, pooping, spitting up, keeps everyone awake) love. I'm ready. Ü

My view from the top.
One friend said about my protruding belly:
"I've never seen a baby more eager!"