Friday, July 29, 2011

Belated Birthday News

Well, my oldest son has now been around the sun FOUR times! My sweet Elijah had his birthday at the end of June and I am finally celebrating with a post! He had many other celebrations before this though. First, let me highlight some things about this amazing boy:


1. He loves to build...with screwdrivers, tractors, legos, etc. Especially if they have moving parts when you are done.
2. He loves (has always) how things work. He is very analytical and will sit for great lengths of time playing with something that opens/closes or moves.
3. He is encouraging. Will often and randomly tell me "You're sweet mom". It usually brings a smile to my face and helps me to slow down in my rushing. (Unless it is when I am VERY hungry and at the end of my rope and I'm yelling...not that that happens...)
4. He is a very fast runner.

 I could go on and on, but I'm lucky to be sitting down at the computer at all...and dinner is beckoning. So let me move on. For our gift to Elijah we surprised him with a ride on the Elbe Steam Train (trains...another of his passions).

 Examining the connection between cars.

 It was a lot of sitting for Samuel...good thing we had LOTS of snacks!

 Grandma came too! She and Elijah have the same birthday!

On his birthday we had pancakes with sprinkles for breakfast and Monkey 'cake' and ice cream for dessert.

We went birthday shopping with some money he got and one of things he got was Legos! He quite surprised me with his instruction following ability!

A few days later we celebrated with the usual backyard BBQ birthday party.

 Chris gave rides and dumps in his wagon.

 Pappy and Elijah enjoying lunch.

 We had a balance beam and water balloons!

Chris catching his water balloon...the big guys had a throwing competition.

A lot of celebrating in one week...but why not? 4 times around the sun is quite the accomplishment!
Happy Birthday Elijah!

A brief baby update:
I am now 33 weeks pregnant. 
Must have a nap every day to survive. (or for my children to survive anyway Ü )
Feeling huge - yet have moments of 'I'm not really that big' that a bad sign?

 This picture is from the beginning of June...I am much larger now.