Thursday, August 27, 2009

Discovering An Oldy But A Goody

What: Shredded Wheat

Ingredients: Whole Grain Wheat (note on box: Contains Wheat)

Dimensions: 2.5"w x 3.5"l x 1"h

Exibit A: Place 1 wheat biscuit in bowl.
Use hands or spoon to break into desired pieces.
Warning: Clean up required afterwards

Exibit B: If desired, sprinkle with brown sugar and milk.

Exibit C: Enjoy!

Thank you to our sponsor - Grandma Nita!

The Joy of Earning

About 3 weeks ago we went into Build-a-Bear with a friend and Abigail saw an animal that she HAD to have. Sorry Chica- not today. All that day and the next she kept talking about it. Having never been this interested in something Chris and I decided to make her earn it. So we set up a chart, explained it, and began the sometimes hard lesson of earning something.

Each job had to be completed to our satisfaction,
she then colored in the square and recived $1 to put in a jar.

Taking creative liberty with the folding of towels.
(notice it is a house complete with door and window)

Washing dishes with Daddy.

Not all jobs were met with the same enthusiasm.

Now 3 weeks later, the sweet reward has come.

The second her kitty was stuffed she pulled out her wallet for the lady.

Matching pink bathrobes (thank you Great Grandma Norine!)

So far her little gray kitty has no name- if you have any suggestions I am sure she would appreciate it. A few she has liked but not stuck: Mushy, C.C. (cute cat), Door Knob, Mussolini, Marigold, Tabitha...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Summer Puddles

The kids and I just returned from a whirlwind visit to our favorite summer junior camp at Pleasant Valley Christian Camp. A peaceful and beautiful beyond words rustic jewel several miles past Elbe. We drove up Wednesday morning and came back this evening.

We went on a hike and got soaked! The sun hats kept their heads a little dry.

I did not enjoy the serenity of it so much this year however. Perhaps because we had to drive through torrents of rain (missing the road to camp), or because it rained ALL Wednesday yet was very warm and humid, or I had two small children in tow while being 6 1/2 months pregnant, OR because I had to sleep in the girls lodge (which I don't particularly care for...) sharing a bed (2 bottom bunks pushed together with a large middle gap) with those same children...being pregnant in a twin bed is full enough...Oh well. We are all very exhausted and I can't wait to climb in my own bed tonight. I just reminded my self that I'd much rather the rain than the heat, and I need to do laundry anyway!

Abigail loves to jump- she had fun jumping over puddles.
Elijah loves to copy his sister - he had fun, oops, he didn't ususally make it all the way!

Can I do it mom? Can I?

Sure! (I need to do laundry anyway!)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

One of Tacoma's Best Kept Secrets

I wanted to share a heart of Tacoma Secret that not many people know about:
It's 23 acres of blueberry bushes begging any passerby to come and eat! Owned by MetroParks and kept up by volunteers it is an enjoyable, and tasty family activity. Grab a bucket and come on down! (But go to the bathroom first - they only have a honeybucket)
It is located on 72nd and D st. Just east of the Fred Meyer's on 72nd and Pacific.

Post-picking balance practice.

So much little time to blog...

A few highlights of the last week and a half:

Chris, along with his mom and brother-in-law ran the Tacoma Narrows Half Marathon! They all said the first half was pretty good, but by the end they're bodies began to give various reasons not to run that far again. Amazing you guys! My body would tell me not to run again after the first mile. (Well, if I were ever to run that far...)

Jon, Chris, and Trish

Due to the recent hot weather, and a husband who faithfully waters the garden, we have been bringing in a great harvest of beans, cukes, tomatoes, and a few raspberries on the side. The garden is doing so well!

If you are near us and like beans and tomatoes and cukes, please come and have some! Our pear tree is just about ready too!

On Sunday Chris and I had a 'date' trip! We left Abigail and Elijah with Grammy and Pappy and drove to Portland for a wedding. We have a group of 7 families that get together every summer to reunite and remember the good ol' days of George Fox University (particularly the engineering program). The last of us is married now, and all but two families has kids (come on you guys - get with it! Ü ) Congratulations Evan and Chrissy!

L to R: Tibbitts, Bruces, Eykelboschs!, Combs, Barnes, and Nelsons
We missed you Sargents!

And the last tidbit I'll share about this last week was that we said goodbye to the first car we purchased together- and made that life changing step- we bought a minivan. I never thought I would do it, but three car seats leave little choice. The kids absolutely love it though! They both want to ride in it all the time!

Goodbye small fuel economy car - hello big huge not as economical van!