Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Joy of Earning

About 3 weeks ago we went into Build-a-Bear with a friend and Abigail saw an animal that she HAD to have. Sorry Chica- not today. All that day and the next she kept talking about it. Having never been this interested in something Chris and I decided to make her earn it. So we set up a chart, explained it, and began the sometimes hard lesson of earning something.

Each job had to be completed to our satisfaction,
she then colored in the square and recived $1 to put in a jar.

Taking creative liberty with the folding of towels.
(notice it is a house complete with door and window)

Washing dishes with Daddy.

Not all jobs were met with the same enthusiasm.

Now 3 weeks later, the sweet reward has come.

The second her kitty was stuffed she pulled out her wallet for the lady.

Matching pink bathrobes (thank you Great Grandma Norine!)

So far her little gray kitty has no name- if you have any suggestions I am sure she would appreciate it. A few she has liked but not stuck: Mushy, C.C. (cute cat), Door Knob, Mussolini, Marigold, Tabitha...


  1. I wish I had a dollar for every load of laundry I fold...

    I like Door Knob. I think she should stick with that. (When we took Will to Build-a-Bear, he named his bear Cookie, then asked if he could have a cookie. I am glad girls put a little more thought into things.)

  2. What about naming the cat "Cat" or "Dog" just to make things interesting??

  3. I think she should name it Santa.

  4. So cute! What a good little helper she is. I'm very impressed. I hope we get to meet the cute little kitty this weekend!