Monday, December 20, 2010

I spy (cont...)

Oh the fifth thing of Christmas my little eyes do see...


Well. My eyes are starting to see Christmas things in double, so instead of continuing with my song, I'll just have you listen to my favorite version of this song. Enjoy!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I Spy...

(to the tune of The Twelve days of Christmas)

Oh the first thing of Christmas my little eyes do see

A Santa kneeling for the newborn King.

Oh the second thing of Christmas my little eyes do see

Children decorating

Oh the third thing of Christmas my little eyes do see

A baby sneaking candy

 (I went to get him for bed time and he had a candy cane!! From where?!?!?)

Oh the fourth thing of Christmas my little eyes do see

Many trees a falling

(To be continued...)


Well, our littlest one is one. (yes...a few weeks ago...shhh...)
to run,
his daddy!
to tackle his brother and sister,
to lay on the dog bed,
to pull out and scatter things 5 times faster than I can pick them up,
playing peek-a-boo,
to climb in and out of laundry baskets,
to feed Pepper food from his high chair,
opening the toilet,
to eat ... top ramen, smoothies, toilet paper (I think he thinks its like cotton candy), chapstick,  and especially DOG FOOD - several. times. a. day. We think he and Pepper have this deal worked out...
But at least the bag claims it is good for immune function, brain and eye development, his skin, and keeping down the plaque and tartar. (He has 8 teeth to keep clean!)

Oh what a precious boy!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Time for Thanks

Well, it has been over two months since I've written here. Sheesh. So many many things have passed that I would love to share about...perhaps I will...but not today. I wanted to take a brief moment and share a story with you that touched my heart deeply, and helped my perspective of thankfulness. This is from the blog of a friend from church who recently moved to Texas. (by the way, why is everyone moving to Texas?!?) It is a little long, but an touching reminder.

Happy Thanksgiving!

"It's funny how in the midst of crazy times, we can so easily get caught up in what ISN'T going right, what we want to fix, what we want to change what we "need".....  It's so easy to forget to stop and be thankful for what we do have!  It's not that I am never thankful for anything, it's just that life can cause such a whirlwind sometimes...

The last couple weeks, the Lord has been reminding me of how much I have to be thankful for in my life.  As many know, I'm working at a children's hospital in the hematology and oncology research department.  The majority of my time is not spent with patients right now, but the time I do has such a huge impact on me.  These are kids and families from all walks of life and in many different stages in dealing with their disease.  I've seen some kids walk out with a smile, balloons, lots of family - free of disease - and I praise the Lord every day for those cases.  And then I meet kids like one I met the other day. 

Short of a miracle, he won't make it much longer.  He's courageously battled an extremely aggressive and painful form of cancer for several years now - way beyond his original expectancy.  I was speaking in the hall with one of his doctors when I met him.  The doctor was explaining how so many of these kids suffer not just because of their illness, but because people just shut down around them...they don't know how to react, what to do, what to say - so they don't do anything.  The doctor said, the best thing you can do is ask what  you want to ask, react the way your gut tells you, and if nothing else, make eye contact and say hello.  Well, I have no problem saying hi kids like this and having a quick conversation...but what do you say to a 6 year old boy who is likely nearing the end of his all too short life? But, as he approached with a giant smile, high fived his doctor and said, "hey, what's your name?" to me - I dove in!  We talked about all sorts of things - what cancer he has, how long he's at the hospital this time for, what he likes to do in his spare time (football and comedy!!), and I heard a few of his jokes!  He then proceeded to tell me that he lives at the hospital a lot and had recently come back after awhile away.  He told me his favorite uncle who is in college on the other side of the state usually took time off of school to come stay with him for awhile in the hospital, but he wasn't coming now.  And then he shocked me.  He proceeded to tell me how it's okay what's going on with him.  He said that soon he knew he would be going to his home in heaven where Jesus lives because the treatment for his cancer makes him very sick and doesn't cure him and it was time to stop.  He told me that they continue to pray for a miracle, but it's okay if it doesn't happen because sometimes they're just not supposed to.  And he told me it was okay because his favorite uncle promised to make sure to come see him when his body was going to heaven.  He said it all with a sweet little smile, and he knew exactly what he was talking about.  He proceeded to tell me details about how people would miss him, and he was kinda bummed he couldn't become a comedian, but sometimes we don't always get exactly what we want.

It's not the only story....but I sure came home and marveled at all that I have.  I get to come home to a beautiful house, an amazing husband and the sweetest, healthy baby girl I could ask for!  So maybe it would be nice if our debt got paid off faster, if I didn't have co-workers that drove me crazy, if I never got sick again or had to deal with any of this immune junk, if my life went perfectly the way I thought it should..... Life has been hectic over the past few years, we've had some challenges and frustrations.  But aren't all those things just even more reason for me to celebrate the wonderful things that I DO have?!?!  We are so fortunate, even in the things we are lacking.  My "needs" seem so small compared to those of the family who is about to lose their 6 year old son after doing everything they know how to do...

I know I'm not there yet, but I feel like I'm gaining a fresh perspective on a thankful heart.  From the innocence of children in the midst of struggle I wish none of them had to know, to the families who have spent days, months, years at the hospital praying that some sort of miracle would happen for their sweet little child - - our troubles are so small when put in perspective.

I sit at home tonight thankful for my sweet little Paisley who giggled and ran and made a huge mess eating mac n cheese tonight.  Thankful for my amazing husband who has so patiently and faithfully waited for the right job - and finally got the call for the perfect opportunity tonight.  Thankful for a bed to sleep in tonight, for a roof over our heads, for a dog who gets himself into trouble all the time but really just wants to cuddle, for another day of work tomorrow, and for a God who loves us unconditionally and always gives us exactly what we need.

Are you truly thankful??"
Little footprints on my freshly mopped-still-wet floor.
Thank you God for tiny footprints.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ready to Rock and Roll!

Well, the past few weeks have been a bit crazy! We have officially begun our homeschooling adventure! We are linking up with another blog that has begun Raising Rockstars: Shine like a Star with our foundation on the Rock! Our dearest 5 1/2 year old is in Kindergarten. Since Elijah is of Pre-School age I want to include him, so I have been using some preschool ideas from various websites, including Raising Rockstars, tweaking and then beefing them up for Abigail. We have a number, letter, sight word, memory verse, and character trait for each week. We then explore themes that are related to one of those. The first week it was L, 1, 'see', and Matt. 5:16. We talked a lot about Light, Ladybugs, and all things L.

We've spent the last two weeks on the letter T. There are so many options for T!! Trains, Trucks, Turtles, Tents, Tunnels, Tractors...the list goes on! (I must admit, the entire first week of school I dreamed about letters every night! Aahh!) We are also discussing Trust and Thankfulness. (Abigail is practicing counting by Tens and Twos!) I will try to keep updated with how it is all going.


Painting Toilet paper Tubes to make a Train.
 Samuel helping us find tubes to paint.

As for the littlest Tidbit...Samuel. I haven't said much about him lately and he is growing fast. He is 10 months old and Wow is he showing some personality. He is a man of motion, determination, and opinion!

We are guessing he'll be walking in the next month. He stands solo for long periods of time often. His favorite pastimes are crawling quickly up the stairs (stopping every so often to stand solo on one...) playing in the dog food, getting scolded, then crawling away to play with the cat food...that is if the toilet paper hasn't grabbed his interest first.

The other children didn't seem as interested in the toilet paper but boy does he like it. Also - He LOVES his daddy and brother and sister (especially his brother).

Monday, September 6, 2010

Birthday Wishes!

Happy Birthday (one day late)  to an amazing woman!




We intend the best meaning for each word!  We love you and pray that you have a blessed year!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Muffin Tin Wonders

I was inspired by the recent issue of Everyday Food
They had a section on non-muffin uses for muffin cups.
I'm not sure why I liked it so much...but why not?
Here is the line up:

Bacon-Egg-Toast Cups
My toast got a bit crunchy, but they were good. Despite the appearance the yolk is not runny.
 The kids struggled a little, but it was our first muffin tin wonder.
Maybe if they were sprinkled with some cheese...

Mini Deep Dish Pizzas 
(aka Pizza Muffins)

These were delicious! A perfect serving size for the kids.
They don't use sauce, just pieces of tomato...mmm!!!
Perhaps next time I'll roll the dough a little thinner to fit more toppings in.

 Sugared Tortilla Fruit Cup Thingys

These were very yummy. I lightly sprayed tortillas with olive oil, sprinkled on a bit of sugar (both sides) and pressed into muffin cups. Bake, fill with yogurt and top with berries! The kids loved them, but they were pretty messy (maybe if I would have offered spoons...). 
I bet with out the sugar they would made great mini ensalada bowls!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Three Years Ago...Feels Like Yesterday

I just found these and thought I'd share them, considering the last post.

Cousins: Inseperable

Abigail's FAVORITE cousin was here to visit! They talked, swam, squabbled, and had fun.

Intertubing on the lake...

(Oh, please hold on tight!!!!!)

Elijah and Daddy's turn!

The big cousins swam...

...while those not as fond of the water bounced. (Auntie Laura couldn't resist joining in!)

Abigail was sad to say goodbye...but I'm sure the next time they are together, it will be as if no time has passed.

Aint It Great To Be 28!

Yesterday was the day. The grumpies threatened to invade a few times...but they were held at bay. I enjoyed a morning bubble bath while my mom and Abigail made the cake...and the boys leaned over and played with the bubbles. Thank you Lord for the blessing of my children. Abigail went through quite a bit to make my day special. Here are some highlights:

Birthday Hair

Birthday Manicure...

...and Pedicure

Birthday Cards 

Birthday Cake

Birthday Dinner

Birthday Dress

Made by Abigail and Grammy - I love it!

Monday, August 9, 2010


Being a mom of several pairs of feet, we have more than several pairs of shoes around our house. This is a picture of the shoe basket in our laundry room. This is where the shoes should be. Somehow they have this habit of jumping out of the basket when my back is turned. But if I stop to ponder on these many sets of shoes, I realize how thankful I am for them. Well, for the precious little toes that they represent. Tennis shoes for running fast and peddling faster. Sandals for skipping through the sprinkler. 'Handsome' shoes and pretty sparkly shoes. Rain boots. God bless the rain boots. The shoe for any occasion- specializing in puddle stomping and garden working, a real workhorse of a shoe. Even a two year old can put these on by them self. These shoes are telling stories of life, reminding me to listen carefully and to thank God for these evidences of life.

A challenge for you:
The next time you trip over a stray shoe, pray over the little foot that belongs in it. If the shoes you are picking up after are mens size, pray for the large responsibility that rests on those feet. When you are folding laundry and find socks with out their mates, thank God for the blessing of loved ones to fold laundry for.

My perspective of these shoes has been challenged through a book I'm reading. The Bathtub is Overflowing but I feel Drained: How to defeat Mommy stress by Lysa TerKeurst. A great book that I would recommend to every Mommy.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hair today, gone tommorrow

Well, Samuel did get his pig tails cut off. He looks much older and his head isn't quite so round looking. Poor little guy has been sick almost consistently for the past two months now. As you can see from the picture he is not quite himself yet.

To continue with the trend, Abigail decided she wanted to cut her hair to her shoulders. Like Lucy in Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. (Her latest craze) She briefly considered changing her name. I tried to discourage her - 'we won't be able to tell you and Grammy's dog apart!'

Being a girl of action she has finally completed her flower garden in the middle of the front yard. There was a dead patch (it didn't even have dead grass in it) and she wanted to beautify it. She created the border weeks ago, but we finally got flowers in it.

And lastly on our list of exciting happenings... the have had their first experience of the 'ice cream truck'. I have to give you a brief history.
Living in Tacoma, we hear/see the ice cream truck a lot. Not wanting to give a reason for any whining or begging, I was very adamant about always calling it the 'music truck'. "Yeah! There goes the music truck!" Well sometime around when Abigail was 4 1/2 she turned to me and exclaimed "mom, did you know they have ice cream in those trucks?"  REALLY?!? Well, this summer I told them if we ever were out when the ice cream truck went by, and it was a good time, and we had money, we could get ice cream. It has taken us 2 months to catch the ice cream truck. Truly. His usual time to come by it 8pm. Nice huh? But, if we happen to be in the yard and hear him approaching, the kids would book it to the front yard in time to see him speed past. But finally, yesterday, though it was raining, we happened to be near enough to the front yard and Abigail flagged him down. It was only 4:30 too! Sweet victory.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Need Your Opinion

Because my most loyal readers are related to my husband...what is you opinion of Chris with facial hair?

This one doesn't really look like him...I think it is because of the shower curtain. 

And boy! Elijah has the same really big eyes as his daddy! (with a bit more dirt and raspberry juice)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

In Desperate Need of a Haircut

Help! Look what they've done to my hair! 
I can't help it that it all grows on the sides!

I am kinda cute though!

Why are they laughing at me?

Editors note: Samuel is 8 months old and has already received 2 haircuts!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Beach Trip!

Well, our weather finally resembled summer. We had two days with temps in the 90's. So what else could we do but go to the beach? These are pictures from our second day there. (yes, I went two days in a row. Two days of lots of sunscreen, lots of sand, and lots of no napping. I am still recovering.) We took my brother and sister with us this time. It was nice having some bigger helpers.

Elijah loved playing in the water...

...of a mud puddle. Not so keen on the ocean.

One of my favorite things about this beach is the huge flat sandy beach. (when the tide is out) You can walk out in the water for a hundred yards and still only be in to your knees! Great for the kids!

Abigail loved 'swimming' on her hands.


Time for digging! My brother unintentionally caught 4 clams!

The highlight was of course...the Pug. Abigail was so excited to finally see a real live Otis. This was a very large Otis. And her name was Ginger. She liked pretzels.