Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Well, our littlest one is one. (yes...a few weeks ago...shhh...)
to run,
his daddy!
to tackle his brother and sister,
to lay on the dog bed,
to pull out and scatter things 5 times faster than I can pick them up,
playing peek-a-boo,
to climb in and out of laundry baskets,
to feed Pepper food from his high chair,
opening the toilet,
to eat ... top ramen, smoothies, toilet paper (I think he thinks its like cotton candy), chapstick,  and especially DOG FOOD - several. times. a. day. We think he and Pepper have this deal worked out...
But at least the bag claims it is good for immune function, brain and eye development, his skin, and keeping down the plaque and tartar. (He has 8 teeth to keep clean!)

Oh what a precious boy!

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