Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Family of 6!

Well, here I am finally blogging again! Please forgive my long absence and leaving you in suspense on my 40week date of pregnancy. Well, the baby finally came out a few days after the post on September 19. For some reason this pregnancy was full of much anxiety...but all went well.

Micaiah Kairos was born on 9-19-11 and weighed 7lbs 8oz.
Pronounced my-kai-uh. It is the name of a prophet in 1 Kings 22. It means 'Who is like God?' and Kairos is Greek and means 'a God appointed time or opportunity'. He has been a baby of timing from the beginning! For those of you who really like nick names...How about Kai? It is in both his first and middle name...and Samuel calls him Kai-Kai.
He has been an amazingly mellow little guy. He is content to lay on our bed looking around and putting himself to sleep. He has been sleeping through the night since he was 7 weeks old. (he is now 10 1/2 weeks). What an wonderful blessing! (God is helping me to save and channel my energy toward Samuel, who is now 2.

He will eat anything, especially if it is off the floor. He loves to eat out of the sugar bowl, or the sugar cubes if they are available. He will help himself to anything he can put a stool near and it food, lotion, markers...speaking of markers, today makes the third day in a row he has found a marker and colored on non-paper items...this week he has gotten the walls, carpet, potty chair, my rocking chair, and of course his legs and socks. AAAhhhhhh! BUT...he is really cute and happy while he does it all! The 'spoon' seems only to deter his ferocious determination for a short while, then back at it! But really, he is a very sweet boy and loves to snuggle...when I can catch him!  Enough of you know why I have no time to blog!)

So...enough of the words. Enjoy some pictures!

Daddy admiring his new son at the hospital.

checking out the new little one
Not a great one of me...but I love his little frog position!
All 4 of them getting along and playing nicely!! I had to get it on film!
Abigail loves to 'babysit' her littlest brother!
He has just started giggling in the last week!  Check out those dimples!

This is from today. He is getting so big already!

Dreaming of shopping

For the sake of being entered in a drawing I want to tell you briefly of one of my favorite online stores. Vision Forum! They have an amazing collection of Christian Books, classic toys, and other paraphernalia for families. Gear for  boys; play swords and shields, military stuff, outdoorsy stuff, wild-I-am-made-to-be-a-warrior kind of stuff. Things for girls; dolls, dresses, things that encourage the beauty of a woman (and don't worry, even a pink riffle!). There are great resources for homeschooling and families in general. I don't have time to share all that there is. (I have spent much time window shopping over the last few years!) But you should check them out - a great store!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Boring and Brief Update

No. I have not had a baby.
Yes, I am 40 weeks tomorrow.
No, we don't have a name.
Yes, I will most likely be pregnant forever.
Sorry, no pictures.

Please pray for me!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Belated Birthday News

Well, my oldest son has now been around the sun FOUR times! My sweet Elijah had his birthday at the end of June and I am finally celebrating with a post! He had many other celebrations before this though. First, let me highlight some things about this amazing boy:


1. He loves to build...with screwdrivers, tractors, legos, etc. Especially if they have moving parts when you are done.
2. He loves (has always) how things work. He is very analytical and will sit for great lengths of time playing with something that opens/closes or moves.
3. He is encouraging. Will often and randomly tell me "You're sweet mom". It usually brings a smile to my face and helps me to slow down in my rushing. (Unless it is when I am VERY hungry and at the end of my rope and I'm yelling...not that that happens...)
4. He is a very fast runner.

 I could go on and on, but I'm lucky to be sitting down at the computer at all...and dinner is beckoning. So let me move on. For our gift to Elijah we surprised him with a ride on the Elbe Steam Train (trains...another of his passions).

 Examining the connection between cars.

 It was a lot of sitting for Samuel...good thing we had LOTS of snacks!

 Grandma came too! She and Elijah have the same birthday!

On his birthday we had pancakes with sprinkles for breakfast and Monkey 'cake' and ice cream for dessert.

We went birthday shopping with some money he got and one of things he got was Legos! He quite surprised me with his instruction following ability!

A few days later we celebrated with the usual backyard BBQ birthday party.

 Chris gave rides and dumps in his wagon.

 Pappy and Elijah enjoying lunch.

 We had a balance beam and water balloons!

Chris catching his water balloon...the big guys had a throwing competition.

A lot of celebrating in one week...but why not? 4 times around the sun is quite the accomplishment!
Happy Birthday Elijah!

A brief baby update:
I am now 33 weeks pregnant. 
Must have a nap every day to survive. (or for my children to survive anyway Ü )
Feeling huge - yet have moments of 'I'm not really that big' that a bad sign?

 This picture is from the beginning of June...I am much larger now.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We're having a baby!

Well...the time has come.
I've hit the half way mark and was given the opportunity to find out what we are having.

Abigail desperately wants a sister...Elijah is convinced it is a dinosaur...and Samuel doesn't hold still long enough to know anything is coming...except that my lap is shrinking.
So, despite the little ones attempt to wiggle around and also stay curled in a tight little ball in the bottom of my uterus... was discovered to be a boy. Yep. Closer to a dinosaur. Abigail is a bit bummed, but I have no doubt in my mind that she will keep all three af her little brothers in line.

God is charging us with the task of raising some mighty warriors for His name. And I'm excited. As I look at Chris, and what an amazing man, amazing leader he is, I pray that each of our boys is just like their daddy.

Children are a heritage from the LORD,
offspring a reward from him.
Like arrows in the hands of a warrior
are children born in one’s youth.
Psalm 127:3-4

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Few Lessons Learned

#1. When pretending to be a cat, don't fall from high heights. You most likely won't land on your feet.

#2.  When playing with a swimming noodle and a fuzzy ball, don't attempt to retrieve the fuzzy ball by sucking. Fuzzy balls are hard to get out of your wind pipe.

 Daddy 'demonstrated' this one for us.

#3. When pretending to be a dog, don't play tug of war.

#4. When and if you choose to dance naked, make sure no one is watching- especially with a camera.