Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hair today, gone tommorrow

Well, Samuel did get his pig tails cut off. He looks much older and his head isn't quite so round looking. Poor little guy has been sick almost consistently for the past two months now. As you can see from the picture he is not quite himself yet.

To continue with the trend, Abigail decided she wanted to cut her hair to her shoulders. Like Lucy in Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. (Her latest craze) She briefly considered changing her name. I tried to discourage her - 'we won't be able to tell you and Grammy's dog apart!'

Being a girl of action she has finally completed her flower garden in the middle of the front yard. There was a dead patch (it didn't even have dead grass in it) and she wanted to beautify it. She created the border weeks ago, but we finally got flowers in it.

And lastly on our list of exciting happenings... the have had their first experience of the 'ice cream truck'. I have to give you a brief history.
Living in Tacoma, we hear/see the ice cream truck a lot. Not wanting to give a reason for any whining or begging, I was very adamant about always calling it the 'music truck'. "Yeah! There goes the music truck!" Well sometime around when Abigail was 4 1/2 she turned to me and exclaimed "mom, did you know they have ice cream in those trucks?"  REALLY?!? Well, this summer I told them if we ever were out when the ice cream truck went by, and it was a good time, and we had money, we could get ice cream. It has taken us 2 months to catch the ice cream truck. Truly. His usual time to come by it 8pm. Nice huh? But, if we happen to be in the yard and hear him approaching, the kids would book it to the front yard in time to see him speed past. But finally, yesterday, though it was raining, we happened to be near enough to the front yard and Abigail flagged him down. It was only 4:30 too! Sweet victory.


  1. I am so glad Samuel is feeling better and has no more pony tails! And hopefully you will not be required to fork over a fortune to the "music truck". Abigail did a good job on her garden and I like her name better too.

  2. Abigail has a beautiful garden. She is looking so grown up. I can't wait to see you guys. Is Elijah shivering with his ice cream?

  3. I like Elijah's new 'do. :) Was his hair wet from the rain? Everybody is looking too old!

  4. Yes, Elijah's hair is wet from the rain. No, he wasn't shivering. He was silently whining, refusing to smile. I didn't fight that battle.