Monday, July 12, 2010

Beach Trip!

Well, our weather finally resembled summer. We had two days with temps in the 90's. So what else could we do but go to the beach? These are pictures from our second day there. (yes, I went two days in a row. Two days of lots of sunscreen, lots of sand, and lots of no napping. I am still recovering.) We took my brother and sister with us this time. It was nice having some bigger helpers.

Elijah loved playing in the water...

...of a mud puddle. Not so keen on the ocean.

One of my favorite things about this beach is the huge flat sandy beach. (when the tide is out) You can walk out in the water for a hundred yards and still only be in to your knees! Great for the kids!

Abigail loved 'swimming' on her hands.


Time for digging! My brother unintentionally caught 4 clams!

The highlight was of course...the Pug. Abigail was so excited to finally see a real live Otis. This was a very large Otis. And her name was Ginger. She liked pretzels.


  1. Looks like you had a great day at the beach! I am glad Abigail finally got to meet Otis.

  2. What a nice beach! Which one is it? What did Samuel think of the beach?

  3. This was at Dash Point State Park in Brown's Point. Big beach when the tide is beach if it is in. And Samuel didn't mind it. Ate some sand and seaweed. Took a nap on the beach both days!