Monday, July 5, 2010

Food and Fireworks!

Happy Independence Day!

We spent the evening at Steve and Trish's enjoying family, friends, yummy food, and REALLY good brisket! (which was equally as yummy for breakfast the next day...and lunch...)

Prepared for the fireworks!

It was getting late...we are a bit sleep deprived.

Samuel showed no fear of the fireworks or their noise, however, they were very distracting and he couldn't sleep. Also as a side note, he started crawling earlier that day!

Elijah snuggling with Auntie Hannah

I celebrated this exciting holiday with a double batch of strawberry freezer jam!


  1. Yum, strawberry freezer jam. Does that ship well?

  2. Great post! The jam looks great too.

  3. Can't do July 4th without ear protection!