Tuesday, August 11, 2009

So much life...so little time to blog...

A few highlights of the last week and a half:

Chris, along with his mom and brother-in-law ran the Tacoma Narrows Half Marathon! They all said the first half was pretty good, but by the end they're bodies began to give various reasons not to run that far again. Amazing you guys! My body would tell me not to run again after the first mile. (Well, if I were ever to run that far...)

Jon, Chris, and Trish

Due to the recent hot weather, and a husband who faithfully waters the garden, we have been bringing in a great harvest of beans, cukes, tomatoes, and a few raspberries on the side. The garden is doing so well!

If you are near us and like beans and tomatoes and cukes, please come and have some! Our pear tree is just about ready too!

On Sunday Chris and I had a 'date' trip! We left Abigail and Elijah with Grammy and Pappy and drove to Portland for a wedding. We have a group of 7 families that get together every summer to reunite and remember the good ol' days of George Fox University (particularly the engineering program). The last of us is married now, and all but two families has kids (come on you guys - get with it! Ü ) Congratulations Evan and Chrissy!

L to R: Tibbitts, Bruces, Eykelboschs!, Combs, Barnes, and Nelsons
We missed you Sargents!

And the last tidbit I'll share about this last week was that we said goodbye to the first car we purchased together- and made that life changing step- we bought a minivan. I never thought I would do it, but three car seats leave little choice. The kids absolutely love it though! They both want to ride in it all the time!

Goodbye small fuel economy car - hello big huge not as economical van!


  1. Wow! That is a lot of information! I love the group picture. And I hope the gkids had a good time and will come back...

  2. I'm sure they will...when Elijah was getting in trouble for not resting today he cried for Pappy!

  3. Look at your garden! Wow! And what a sleek new ride!

  4. Thanks for the updates! You are gonna rock that mini van!