Sunday, September 13, 2009

Reunion at the Beach

The last weekend of August we travelled down to Twin Rocks Camp at Rockaway Beach, Oregon for our 5th annual GFU class of 05 Engineers reunion. We have 7 families that get together. We stayed in a big house right on the beach, ate lots of great food, got really sandy, and had lots of fun!

We are missing one family - and baby Reagan!?

The 'big' kids: Rueben (2), Asher (4), Benjamin (4), Joshua (2), Elijah (2), & Abigail(4)

Our group also has three babies (and of course one on the way), Reagan, Seth, & Daniel all who are (I think) 6months and under. So as you can see there are a lot of boys. Elijah wasn't quite ready to jump into all the pillow fights and wrestling - I'm sure he will next year. As for Abigail...she would usually play with one boy at a time. One of the boys once asked her "why are you sitting down?".

Playing on Sand Mountain

I of course took lots of pictures (well, until I got the camera wet when Elijah got ambushed by a still works pretty well...) here is a link to see most of them.


  1. No actually- Saturday was very foggy and misty but really warm. Sunday was beautiful and a little windy. It was great for the coast!