Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Few Additions

Addition #1:

The City replacing the gas lines  


10 yards of sand dumped in front of our house every morning (7:30am!)

a new sand box!
(yes I asked first)

Addition #2:

First I'm am just going to say yes. Yes. Yes yes yes- we are crazy.
It is not that I feel at all bored, 
Its not that I have too much time on my hands,
 Its not that I don't already have several people desiring my attention at almost every single moment of the day...
But God gave us a puppy.

She is a great puppy, very sweet, good with the kids, but AAAHHHH at the same time.
She is very smart too, learns quick (she rang the "go outside" bell on the door today!).

We got her last Sunday...she is a German/Australian shepherd - lab mix.

Like all puppies do she is teething.
Of course so is our kitten.
And my son.
Bring on the drool!
On another note I wanted to share some pictures that Abigail drew yesterday 
of and for her Auntie Hannah and for Uncle John.
Her love and ability for drawing always amazes me!

"Auntie Hannah is feeding the nice dinosaur because Uncle John is scared. The little dinosaur is a mean one. He doesn't have hair because he is so mean. The striped one has teeth like us."

What a wild adventure.
I hope we get no more new additions for a while. 
Unless it's a maid.