Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Blog O' Randomness

Well, over the last month I have had many deep and wonderful ideas for blog posts... But since I have no time to be deep...this is what we get. Chris thought it would be fun to have a caption only blog of random pictures:

Farmer Elijah strikes a pose

Lil' farmers cheezin' it up!

Abigail overseeing the irrigation installation. haven't been digging in the garbage have you? 

What happens when mommy eats dairy. Poor Samuel.

Goldie's double-yolker.

 I think we may have two hams on our hands...

 Blob o' butter with marble stuck in the side.

 Mmmm...homemade butter...we were studying the letter 'B'. 
It needed more salt.

Ginormous Marshmallows

Hey- I warned you it would be random. Perhaps one of my deep thoughts will make it out next time.


  1. That is a huge egg!
    And I miss you guys. A lot.
    Give all the munchkins a kiss for me!

  2. I love all the pictures! Everyone is getting so big (including the doggy).