Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kids, Christmas, and Kitten Tales

Well, here is my update. Samuel is will be 1 month old tomorrow. He is getting so big already (sniff...). Most of the receiving blankets will barely swaddle him. But that just means it won't be long until he sleeps through the night...right?? Well, if I could at least sleep 3 or 4 hours in row I'd be happy- and hopefully a little less grumpy during the day.

To try to focus on the excitement of the season we got out our tree and decorations- of course then it was bedtime. But the next day, after feeding Samuel and eating breakfast and feeding Samuel we got to decorate the tree. The kids loved it- it took Elijah a few trys to get the hang of looping ornaments on the branches- and then Abigail kept getting frustrated that he would put so many on one branch. A good lesson in cooperation.

It looks great- although obvious it was decorated by people under 3ft.

And to add to the excitement of our household, and because one baby just isn't enough...we got a kitten. 'Milo' after the "curious cat" in her favorite movie Milo and Otis. She thinks we need a "pug nosed pup" to go with it (please no!). But he(?) is an adorable bundle of fluff and very sweet and cuddly when not attacking your every movement.
Poor O'Malley isn't such a fan and lets us all know when ever the two come in close proximity. The kitten of course hasn't fully gained a healthy respect for the eldership of O'Malley. Perhaps a only a few more knocks from the senile half blind cat. They were able to share a bit of sunlight today though!
Oh- I just went out to check on the Samuel asleep on the couch and this is what I found:

Well, hopefully my next post will not be so far out. I am aiming for once a week. We will see.


  1. That is the CUTEST picture of two babes sleeping. And I love the remark about the tree decorations and being decorated by small folk. Your house looks great! And the kids are super cute and cuddly.

  2. You got a KITTEN! He's so cute. i love your tree. Thanks for the update.

  3. I love the picture of the two kitties! Milo is so cute! I hope he doesn't try to climb the tree.

    Samuel looks like his big sister.

  4. Thanks for the update! You are a busy, beautiful family! Samuel and kitten are adorable. Hope you guys have a WONDERFUL Christmas. :)