Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Two Weeks Ago Today...

Samuel John was born!
Born at 11:47am, November 11, weighing in at 8 lbs 13 oz (over 2 lbs more than Elijah...). Yes, he was bit big, got a bit stuck, but he is here. Yeah! (Good job to those who guessed a boy!) He has been a very peaceful little one, and such a blessing! An oddly, looks identical to Abigail as a baby!

The welcoming committee.

Proud big brother! Doesn't want to hold Samuel often,
but always wants to know where he is.

Abigail loves to share snuggles.

2 days before he was born. 46" around.
I'm so glad I'm no longer pregnant.

For many more pictures here is an album to view. We had a beautiful view from the hospital (we could have seen our house if we had binoculars), and got to watch the sunrise the morning after he was born. There are also pictures of my 'Doctor's checkup' the day before my water broke, and puddle jumping with daddy while mommy and Samuel rested.


  1. Yay AnnMarie! Your tummy is smaller. I love the picture of him smiling. They are all good pictures.

  2. Congrats!!! So exciting! I'm sure you're glad to have your body back after that big guy...LOVE the side view picture- so crazy! Good job momma!! xoxoxo

  3. Ah, he DOES look exactly like Abigail! I loved the picasa album, especially Dr. Abby. Can't wait to meet Samuel! Love you.

  4. Wow! When you told me 38" on the phone, it didn't register, but that picture sure tells the story! When you're small and having a bigger baby, there is no where to go but out, eh?! We'll see how big I get with my #3!
    Loves and hugs,
    Karrie and family