Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cute and Tiny...Elephant!

Well, Abigail informed me about a month ago that she wanted to dress up as an elephant. So I set to work brainstorming and 'creating'. Since Elijah's been into elephants I decided to just make two! He copies EVERYTHING his sister does anyway, right? (sorry about the tiny pics- wrong setting)

Duct tape is much harder to work with than I imagined!

Check out those cute tails!

Yeah for toilet paper tubes, clearance headbands, and duct tape! Although Chris informed me I might owe him a new roll of duct tape...
Meanwhile Chris was a construction worker and I was The Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly.

Some people weren't sure if my stomach was real or not. Oh yes. Very real. Speaking of...Elijah's favorite thing to do lately when I lay down is to drive his car 'on the baby'. He'll be disappointed after the baby comes if he tries it...

The baby starts moving every time they drive!


  1. What cute little elephants! I love their elephant toes!

  2. You win the most creative pregnant belly costume award! Thanks for flying with us today.